Dispute Resolution


International arbitration

I provide support to companies who wish to efficiently manage an ongoing arbitration by providing my expertise in the area, and being an intermediary between the company and their counsel.

I also act as co-counsel or contractor for law firms who need additional resources with my skills in handling arbitration cases.

I assist with drafting dispute resolution clauses, during the pre-arbitral phase, and during the course of the arbitration (document production, drafting pleadings, witness statements, expert reports).

I also regularly act as tribunal secretary in international commercial arbitration cases.

I have been working in the field of international arbitration since 2012. First, at White & Case LLP in Paris then independently since 2017. I have worked on commercial arbitration cases conducted under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). I mostly dealt with energy and construction disputes.

I have been involved in every stage of an arbitration case from analyzing evidence, drafting legal submissions, to assisting in the hearing phase of the proceedings, and dealing with procedural issues.

Representative international arbitration experience includes:

• Representing a private party in a multibillion euro ICC arbitration in the nuclear industry

• Representing two international consortiums in ICC arbitrations regarding disputes in major infrastructure projects in Africa

• Advising a company in an LCIA arbitration in the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan

• Advising a European gas buyer in a price reopener dispute

• Representing an Eastern European state in an SCC arbitration regarding a gas sales contract

• Advising a Ukrainian state agency in an UNCITRAL arbitration over a services contract

• Applying for injunctions for the suspension of on-demand bank guarantees before the French courts in a pre-arbitration context.

• Representing a Kazakh oil company in an UNCITRAL arbitration in relation to a claim for breach of a corporate guarantee issued in a construction project.

• Assisting a French national in the exequatur of a Russian court decision in France.



In international arbitration, litigation and white-collar disputes, fact-finding is of essence.

My experience includes investigation of years of correspondence, technical documentation, pleadings, and audios, and conducting in-person interviews in the arbitration and white collar context.

For example, I have assisted with the representation of a major French bank in connection with investigations by the American and French regulatory authorities.

I believe that in-depth factual research is of utmost importance when giving the arbitral tribunal, or investigative authority, and opposing party the best understanding of the facts at hand.

I can assist you with factual research, document and audio review, and conducting witness interviews.


Negotiations and conflict resolution

If you are facing a dispute with a commercial partner, I can help you with assessing any risks relating to a potential arbitration or litigation procedure.

If it appears that the dispute could be settled amicably, I can assist you with reaching the best settlement agreement for your company.

If you have decided to try and resolve your conflict through Alternative Dispute Resolution methods, such as negotiation or conciliation, I can accompany you during settlement meetings and in drafting settlement agreements.